1st person frapes c/p

So yeah lol it's your boy I'm back so yeah yeah last night was a madness me and my mate Adam went down some Danish house with a couple of beers, on the way yeah Adam took a slash and we met a man on the way with a tattoo it was pretty cool so yeah we had like 7-8 beers an i had to get some food so yeah like I got a burger and just yammed it down madstyle so yeah then today yeah I put like £3 on the football and won like 80 it was mad my boys qpr doing the business so yeah then I've just been revising bare like ie got so many exams grrr but then after I'll have so many beers in the sun with mates haha good times so yeah I might be out today just doing a mad sneaky one hahah so yeah bell me text me catch me on twitter email too just ask me or write on my wall or inbox me yeah safe one shout out hustlers you know peace xx

So yeah lol yes hello Facebook how r u all I'm back yeah almost done with exams only one more to go lol it's gonna be a madness tonight I'm thinking just killing it on the town like going full on charlies angels 2: full throttle na'mean yeah yeah so wow what have I been up to well I had a shower in the morning which was good but the water kept being too hot but then too cold grrr it was so annoying so yeah lol then I had a nice breakfast with my mate Adam (shoutout Adam) it was really nice and I had some dr pepper to wake me up which was a bit mad but I like to do that sometimes haha jokes so yeah then I did some revision which was mad long

So yeah revision is a madness right now I'm getting distracted so much my faceyb and twitter are going mad haha yeah sick so as I was saying I think I might get blitzed tonight maybe have a couple of joints and some cans yeah yeah with my bros (shoutout bros) hit me up on the twitter Facebook (wall or message) email or MySpace safe safe, would go out with Adam but he's stuck inside doing work grr so annoying (shoutout Adam) so yeah peace guys hope all your exams go out its the padster I'm out safe peace xox