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fra rapgenius

I can’t help but feel there’s a hidden meaning to this and it isn’t as simple as we all think. Maybe I’m wrong and if so then props to Frank for being honest, but there’s something else going on in this letter that isn’t clear yet in my opinion

He’s one of the smartest members of OF

he’s saying he fell in love with another person in the same sex.
I can understand why it might seem complex

Powerful. Reading it felt like poetry. But looking back on it, it’s closer to standing in front of a train that was going full speed ahead. I liked Frank Ocean before, am a passionate fan now

He’s saying he’s gay ! He basically wrote this letter to come out of the closet & clarify all the rumors. He doesn’t want to hide anymore so he let this secret out and it feels so good, yet, it hurts because the guy he fell inlove with has a girlfriend andd won’t come out the closet & admit it for another 3 years

We need more artist like Frank Ocean because he is honest and lets his fans into his personal life even tho it was very emotional and scary for him to do so.